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Spring 2025 Law


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Select at least one search criteria; refine your results by selecting more than one criteria. Leave the "Subject" set at "Not Selected" if you want to return all subjects that match your other search criteria. Click on the CRNs in the results pages to retrieve more details (course descriptions, web links to course resources, instructor information, fees, prerequisites, add/drop deadlines, etc.).

Future Term Schedules are finalized and released at the end of the fifth week of classes during the prior term; until that time, all information is tentative and likely to change.

NOTE: Days of the Week: m=Monday; t=Tuesday; w=Wednesday; r=Thursday; f=Friday; s=Saturday; u=Sunday

DISCLAIMER: This schedule is subject to change based on university needs, departmental changes or changes in public health guidance. This may include changes to course modality, classroom, and, in rare instances, changes to course times.

Definitions of search terms:
  • Eugene Main Campus: On-campus meeting times and locations as scheduled.
  • Asynchronous Online: No on-campus meetings or scheduled meeting times. Location = ASYNC WEB
  • Synchronous Online: No on-campus meetings. Class meeting days and times as scheduled and will include live engagement during scheduled class periods. Location = SYNC WEB

New for FALL 2022:
  • Low-Cost Materials: Required course materials for the section cost $50 or less. Footnote 9 indicates a low-cost section. This does not include course fees which are listed separately on the CRN, if applicable.
  • No-Cost Materials: There is no cost for required course materials for the section. Footnote 8 indicates a no-cost section. This does not include course fees which are listed separately on the CRN, if applicable.

To find out about required course materials for a section, click on the CRN, then click on the Course Materials link in the Course Data box.

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