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Summer 2019


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Digital Arts (ARTD)
254 Lawrence, 541-346-3610
College of Design
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Course Data
  ARTD 350   Digital Drawing 4.00 cr.
Applies technology as a drawing medium to communicate concepts visually. The entire creative process is researched in an experimental studio environment.
Grading Options: Graded for all students
Instructor: Salter ME-mail Office:   114 Loft Millrace 1
Phone:   (541) 346-2636
Approval Required Instructor Approval required beginning 07/22
Only Open to Majors: Digital Arts, Digital Arts, Art, Ceramics, Multimedia Design, Fibers, Art and Technology, Art and Technology
Section has additional FeesCourse Fees: $105.00
See CRN for CommentsPrereqs/Comments: Prereq: ART 115, 116, 233, ARTD 250.
  CRN Avail Max Time Day Location Instructor Notes
  40514 1 17 1300-1650 mtwr
113A MR1 Salter M Approval Required!$AM
Academic Deadlines
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July 23:   Add this course
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July 29:   Withdraw from this course (50% refund, W recorded)
July 31:   Withdraw from this course (25% refund, W recorded)
August 8:   Withdraw from this course (0% refund, W recorded)
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