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Summer 2019


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Comparative Literature (COLT)
313 Villard, 541-346-0934
College of Arts & Sciences
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  COLT 370   Comparative Comics >1 >IP 4.00 cr.
Examines genre of narrative from a comparative and global standpoint, reviewing the impact of comics and other visual media on questions of national, regional, and ethnic identity. Offered alternate years.
Grading Options: Optional; see degree guide or catalog for degree requirements
Instructor: Gilroy AE-mail Office:   310 Villard Hall
Phone:   (541) 346-0934
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  40895 2 35 - mtwrfsu
00 WEB Gilroy A Additional Web Resources Available
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Expanded Course Description
COLT 370 will build on our pre-existing survey courses in visual culture by focusing attention on a specific genre (e.g. graphic narrative or "comics") and developing critical awareness of national, regional and ethnic differences in the way this genre is expressed. In this course, students will examine the genre comparatively: on the one hand, they will compare graphic narratives from around the world; on the other hand, they will also compare the genre of graphic narrative to other, related genres in visual culture (like film, photography, political cartoon). The "comparative" aspect of COLT 370 is thus both international and generic.

Given its broad scope and introductory nature, COLT 370 satisfies the Arts & Letters requirement. Like our other Group Satisfying courses at the 300-level, COLT 370 introduces students to some of the theoretical paradigms that define the discipline of comparative literature. Because it helps students develop a critical awareness of the socio-political uses and artistic/formal emergence of culture in a global context, the course promotes cultural pluralism, instilling an appreciation of the heterogeneity of worldviews in our global community. For this reason, COLT 370 also satisfies the Identity, Pluralism, and Tolerance (IP) multicultural requirement.

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