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Summer 2019


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Ethnic Studies (ES)
104 Alder Building, 541-346-0900
College of Arts & Sciences
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  ES 370   Top Race/Drugs/US Cine >IP 4.00 cr.
Examines the history and politics of race, ethnicity, and indigenousness in relation to film, including questions of production, distribution, and reception in the United States. Repeatable four times for a maximum of 20 credits when topic changes. Offered alternate years.
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Expanded Course Description
Through the genre of ,“The Stoner Film”, we will examine films & television episodes from 1978 to 2017 as both a shaping force of US drug cultures & a response to federal drug policy, with an emphasis on cannabis culture, marijuana policy, race, and gender. Since the opium wars of the 1800s, cultural & law enforcement responses to drug use have been inseparable from racial anxieties & moral panics about crime & sexual immorality. From the comedy of Cheech & Chong to the hip hop/acting team of Method Man & Redman to the dynamic duo of Harold & Kumar, stoner films have provided a popular lens for the examination of racial, gender, & sexual anxieties in the US at the turn of the 20st century.
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