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Summer 2019


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English Literature (ENG)
118 Prince Lucien Campbell, 541-346-3911
College of Arts & Sciences
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  ENG 313   Teen/Child Literature 4.00 cr.
Books for young readers, their social implications and historical context, from the 19th century to the present. This is a service learning course, which explores the interplay between the classroom experience and the co-requisite internship volunteering with youth at K-12 schools and nonprofit agencies.
Grading Options: Graded for all students
Not Open to: Freshman
See CRN for CommentsPrereqs/Comments: Cancelled 6/10
  Prereq: sophomore standing.
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Expanded Course Description
What is a young person, what do they do, and what are the best ways to raise and educate them? How do different societies and cultural models answer this question differently? This course explores a wide variety of young adult and children’s literature, from recent bestsellers to ancient fairy tales. We’ll experience comics, science fiction, picture books, folktales, young adult novels, and the voices and ASL poetry of real people. The class focuses on three kinds of interplay: The interplay between the books we read and your internship experiences working with actual teens and children; the interplay between fantasy and realism; and the interplay between the visual and the verbal arts. We also focus on many aspects of social identity, including gender, ability, class, and race. This course counts for the English major and Comics Studies minor. This course is part of the UO Literacy Initiative, a service learning program of the UO English Department. In Literacy Initiative courses, students do volunteer work in the community and compare their community experiences to their reading and classroom learning.
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