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Summer 2019


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English Literature (ENG)
118 Prince Lucien Campbell, 541-346-3911
College of Arts & Sciences
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  ENG 380   Film, Media, and Hist >1 4.00 cr.
Study of the history of institutions and industries that shape production and reception of film and media.
Grading Options: Graded for all students
See CRN for CommentsPrereqs/Comments: Cancelled - HF 5/1/19
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  42483 cancelled tba tba tba tba !L
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Expanded Course Description
ENG 380 looks at the history of the American film and media industry not just as the sum of its products (i.e., films designed for mass consumption), but also as a complex cultural, economic and aesthetic system that produced complex cultural products. Although literature, for example, also consists of products (of various publishers, authors who write for a living, etc.), it is not an industrial art form on the scale that motion pictures are. From early in its history, Hollywood dominated, and continues to dominate, the world in a way in which no other cultural producer has dominated an industry or art form. This course is about the Hollywood film and its relationship with the American film industry, and about the ways in which Hollywood has historically responded to challenges, whether global, social, cultural or technological. In order to more fully understand the relationship between Hollywood, American culture and its films, this course will emphasize viewing, discussion and analysis. ENG 380 satisfies the Arts and Letters group requirement by actively engaging students in the ways the discipline of film and media studies has been defined by historical inquiry. By examining specific works of American film and media within the historical context of their original production and reception over time, the course will enable students to engage with major issues within the field, including star studies, technology, and censorship.
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