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Summer 2019


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English Literature (ENG)
118 Prince Lucien Campbell, 541-346-3911
College of Arts & Sciences
9 - Low cost (less than $50) for class textbook materials.
Course Data
  ENG 225   Age of King Arthur >1 4.00 cr.
Introduction to the literature of the Middle Ages set against the backdrop of medieval culture.
Grading Options: Graded for all students
See CRN for CommentsPrereqs/Comments: Cancelled 6/10
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  42486 cancelled tba tba tba tba !9
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Expanded Course Description
This course is an introduction to the literature of the Middle Ages set against the backdrop of medieval culture. Students will learn to read and think about a variety of poetry, plays, romances, devotional works, and comic stories, ranging from the classics of medieval literature, such as stories of King Arthur, to less-known works such as real stories of everyday life (for instance, The Book of Margery Kempe, the first autobiography in English). The course is designed to present a more extensive selection of accessible and representative texts from the Middle Ages than is available in ENG 220, "Introduction to the English Major," as well as to offer an introductory window on the Middle Ages to non-literature majors. Students will gain skills in attentive analytical reading and in writing about this literature. Most texts will be read in translation, but a few short works will be presented in Middle English, allowing students to glimpse the beginnings of modern English. In addition to developing the skills of reading literature with care and insight, this class will cultivate an appreciation of a culture that is markedly different from ours in some ways, and that in other ways served as the foundation for modern society. The course will count for four credits and will fulfill the Group I (Arts and Letters) General-Education Requirement.

The course meets the qualifications for Arts and Letters Group-Satisfying status because it will create meaningful opportunities for students to practice the analysis of literature and culture, to explore a variety of discourses, and to survey a culture that is at once foundational to modern culture and different in unexpected and contrasting ways. By requiring students to closely engage and analyze medieval literary texts and effects in the context of medieval society, through course readings, class discussions, exams and papers, the course will help students explore literature as a mode of meaning and its role in a larger cultural context.

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